Mono Wi-Fi Scene

DeLight Lab
Carnegie Mellon University
On-going research since 2023

Teaser: Dense sensing of 3D indoor environments is possible using a mono (single) Wi-Fi device.

Quick Q&A

- WHAT IT DOES? A single device emits and receives IEEE 802.11n Wi-Fi signals with transmitting power under 30 mWatts (less than the FCC-regulated Wi-Fi Routers i.e., 100-1000 mWatts). Using the Channel Status Information (CSI) between antennas, it reconstructs the 3D scene in dense physical depth.

- IS IT ACCURATE? In our preliminary experiments by Aug. 2023 in over 40 indoor scenes with a depth range of up to 10 meters, Mono-WiFi-Scene produces 384*512 dense depth maps with [RMSE=40cm, Abs-Rel=5%] of over EVERYTHING (wall, floor, ceiling, furniture, objects, and human bodies, etc.). As a reference, the RGB-camera-based DNN counterpart (mono-RGB-input Adabins) of the same resolution and model size gives [RMSE=20cm, Abs-Rel=3%]. We will put up-to-date quantitative results in the Technical Benchmark on ArXiv.

- NEW BENEFITS? With no invasion of VISUAL privacy of human faces, clothes, or personal belongings, no additional electromagnetic radiation other than the commodity WiFi, and no interference from lighting or temperature (infrared), Mono-WiFi-Scene can be used to infer human-scene interaction and improve indoor safety.

- CAN IT PEEK US THROUGH OUR HOME WIFI ROUTER? No, the Mono WiFi Scene device works alone. The home Wi-Fi routers are protected by concurrent cyber-security technologies and regulations.

- NEW PRIVACY CONCERNS? Our privacy awareness is constantly reshaped by the benefit of the modern lifestyle. We are used to privacy protection in physical space (e.g., window shades, sound-proof walls, the privacy covers for webcams and microphones) and digital space (e.g., passwords for browsing/purchase/medical/banking history, customized settings for smartphone App accesses to contacts and photos). Towards the potential benefits in indoor safety, Mono-WiFi-Scene extracts the least possible data: the shape of the 3D scene. Like any new sensing technology, Mono-WiFi-Scene calls for new privacy regulations and new protection technologies.